Proctology Products

Medibuy Direct provide cost-effective, small-scale proctology supplies including proctoscopes to medical practices and private clinicians. We specialise in providing high quality disposable medical devices for proctology and proctological procedures.

We recognize that proctology is being practised increasingly by healthcare clinicians outside the hospital environment. We understand from extensive involvement in the proctological product design and manufacturing industry how innovations in precision moulding techniques and LED lighting are helping to develop disposable proctoscopes and single-use proctological instruments which make such examinations and procedures more cost-effective and viable in off-site environments like medical practices and doctors’ surgeries.

We appreciate not just both, but three sides of the story.  

About Proctological Products from Medibuy Direct

Trust us. We know what we are talking about. Our parent company are the innovators behind a wide range of patented proctological and gynaecological devices which have helped to revolutionise standard medical procedures and are major suppliers to the healthcare industry in the UK, Europe and globally. We understand the importance of consistent quality and reliability – not just when it comes to proctological products, but service too.  

We appreciate just how much patient-friendly products count. We all feel more comfortable when our patient is. Clear, high quality styrene single-use proctoscopes from Medibuy Direct make stainless steel products a thing of the past. Moulded to smooth curves, the robust material gives no cold sensation on insertion. Fully disposable proctoscopes with integral LED lighting come without any awkward cables to make things more complicated too. And because proctological products from Medibuy Direct are totally single-use there is no risk of cross-infection.

We understand how we can make a difference to you as a practitioner. Disposable proctological products from Medibuy Direct can save time and money all round in your healthcare environment. Our proctoscopes can make things easier, quicker, clearer and keep the risk of cross-infection out of the equation.

Benefits to healthcare businesses & professionals

  • Fully disposable, single-use proctological products
  • No reprocessing required - disposable through regular clinical waste procedures
  • Individually packed products for easy dispensing and convenience
  • Available in small quantities (boxes of 25)
  • Easy to order – swift, reliable delivery service
  • Cost-effective all round
  • Proctoscope range available in different lengths and diameters for patient comfort and to service different procedures (biopsies, hemorrhoids etc.)
  • Comfortable, easy-to-use proctoscopes with homogenous illumination and locking obturators for an unobstructed view
  • Self-contained, cable-less, self-illuminating proctoscopes available for immediate use and optimum mobility during examination, diagnosis and treatment
  • All regular proctoscopes can be supplied with adapters for use with most types of fibre optic cold lighting systems including Heine lighting systemWelch Allyn lighting system, Parburch lighting system, Naughton Morgan / Stortz lighting system