Gynaecological Speculum

Medibuy Direct offers a range of high quality single-use vaginal speculum in clear styrene including a fully disposable sterile vaginal speculum with an integral high-powered LED light.

All of our disposable gynaecological speculum are made in available in small minimum quantities, packed in boxes of 25 for easy dispensing. Most of our gynaecological supplies are provided as sterile instruments, individually wrapped to suit your needs as a medical practice or private healthcare organization.

Disposable, simple, convenient, cost-effective

     Disposable Speculum Sizes

  Model     Size              Diameter            Length
  Universal & Parspec
   Virgin 20mm  
   Small 24mm  
   Medium 26mm  
   Large 30mm  
  Collin-type    Small 27mm 105mm
   Medium 33mm 115mm

    Parspec Middle-Screw Vaginal Speculum (Medium) also available with
    integral disposable high-powered LED light. 

Our range of Universal vaginal speculum (formerly Unispec) and Parspec vaginal speculum with its helpful screw-thread adjustment (including option with integral LED light source) are supplied sterile and are available in a variety of sizes.

Our gynaecological supplies also include Collin-type speculum for a wider examination view and access, recommended for hysterography as well as dual-sized Simms speculum and curettes or depressors.  

Single-use gynae instruments you can trust

Medibuy Direct’s gynaecological supplies are designed and manufactured by our parent company, Parburch Medical. Our top-selling sterile-supplied Universal vaginal speculum range has been a leading product of its type for over 30 years and is latex- and PVC-free and EC marked to European Directive EEC/94/42 Class 1.