About Medibuy Direct

The range of Parburch disposable proctoscopes and Parburch lighting system options covers three sizes Paediatric Disposable Proctoscopes, Medium Disposable Proctoscopes and a larger version 504 Disposable Proctoscope which has been specifically designed to be used with our Ligator for the removal of Haemorrhoids. Our range also includes a larger 125mm x 20mm dia Disposable Rectoscope and 250 x 15mm dia Sigmoidoscopes. All can be used with our own Fibre Optic Cold lighting system or we can supply adapters for use with most types of lighting system such as Hiene lighting system, Welch Allyn lighting system, Parburch lighting system, Naughton Morgan Stortz lighting system etc.

Our range of Universal Vaginal Speculum (Formerly known as Unispec) is available in  four sizes.  These are Latex & PVC free, as well as, EC marked to European Directive EEC/94/42 Class 1.   These are supplied Sterile and this range of sterile Vaginal speculums have been a leading product of this type for over 25 years. We also supply a  Collin type, Dual sized Simms type Vaginal Speculum, Easyspec type and the new Illumispec Vaginal Speculum allowing the use of Fibre Optic lighting in the same way as with our Parburch Disposable Proctoscopes.

To compliment our range of disposable Vaginal Speculum we have a range of disposable medical instruments such as Disposable Pozzy Forceps, Disposable Cherron Forceps, Disposable Musuex Forceps, Disposable Cervical brushes, Disposable Gynaecological Collectors, Dispoable Endometrial suction Curettes, Disposable Cervical Spatula, Disposable Kelly Long Forceps, IUCD Disposable fitting and removal procedure packs and last of all in the field of contraception Hypodermic Implant insertion kits and Hypodermic Implant Removal Kits.