About Medibuy Direct

Medibuy Direct is a specialist in the small-scale provision of top quality disposable medical instruments for standard gynae procedures and routine proctology undertaken by medical practitioners operating in non-hospital environments.

We pride ourselves on be able to share our 30 years’ experience with our customers - experience gained in supplying and advising Primary Care Trusts, NHS Clinics, hospital departments and theatres, as well as doctor’s surgeries.

Medibuy Direct also sells gynaecological instruments, proctoscopes and proctology procedure equipment online to surgeons and clinicians operating within private hospitals or undertaking screening programmes. 

Putting first class disposable medical instruments at your fingertips

At Medibuy Direct, we believe that extremely well-designed single-use medical instruments should be made available to all clinical practitioners.Through our very close relationship with our parent company Parburch Medical Developments who have been innovating, designing  and manufacturing market-leading disposable medical instruments for decades, we understand how top quality, ergonomic and easy-to-use single-use instruments can make a real difference to the gynaecological and proctological procedures undertaken in your medical practice.

We have made small-scale supply and easy online ordering of disposable instruments for rectal and vaginal examinations our business. We offer a comprehensive range of single-use proctoscopes, vaginal speculum and the other disposable medical products you need at sensible prices and in quantities relevant to your medical environment. 

Supplying what you need

Medibuy core products include:

♦ Disposable proctoscopes (3 sizes) - units with integral LED lighting or supplied with facility to fit cold lighting adapters for most leading cold lighting systems including Heine lighting system adaptersWelch Allyn lighting system adapters, Parburch/ Fogless lighting system adapters,Woolf lighting system adaptersNaughton Morgan Stortz lighting system adapters.

♦ Disposable rectoscopes; single-use sigmoidoscopes

♦ Disposable Universal vaginal speculum (formerly ‘Unispec’) (4 sizes), latex and PVC free, EC marked, provided sterile; also other types of vaginal speculum - ParspecCollinDual sized Simms and Parspec with integral LED light

Disposable medical instruments such as forceps, gynaecological collectors, curettes, cervical spatulas, IUCD and HI insertion /removal kits.

Saving your medical practice time & money

Easy to order, easy to use and easily disposable through regular clinical waste procedures, our single-use medical instruments can often win back time and money otherwise spent on organising and ensuring that sterilization systems are followed rigorously.

Single-use rectal or vaginal examination instruments with integral lighting can also do away with need for costly or awkward equipment which would usually be a limiting factor to where examinations may take place.

Our patented, fully disposable proctoscopes with integral LED lighting don’t just radically reduce the risk of cross-infection, they take away the need for capital outlay on costly lighting systems. With no preparation time required to set up lighting systems and no cables to worry about, procedures can take place more swiftly, more efficiently and with greater levels of patient comfort.

For haemorrhoid removal treatments, our patented double fenestrated single-use proctoscope with integral LED lighting has revolutionized practitioner procedures, also increasing patient comfort levels and reducing cross-infection risks.         

Gynae & proctology supplies you can trust - signed, sealed, delivered  

Understanding more than just the medical procedures, at Medibuy we appreciate the pressures and priorities of non-hospital medical environments and are here to help.

Our formula is tried, tested and simple:

  • Top quality Parburch disposable medical products
  • Packed individually, with many items provided sterile and ready-to-use
  • Sold in quantities which won’t block up your store cupboards
  • Easy to order online
  • On hand, highly knowledgeable and friendly customer support
  • Easy payments by card or account
  • Delivered efficiently

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