Proctology / Proctoscopes

At Medibuy Direct we offer high quality disposable proctoscopes including fully disposable proctoscopes with an integral LED light. All our single-use proctoscopes are available in small minimum quantities, packed in boxes of 25 for convenient dispensing, to suit the needs of your medical practice, doctors’ surgery or healthcare organization.

Disposable, convenient, cost-effective 

     Disposable Proctoscope Sizes

                  Diameter                              Effective length
   Paediatric 12mm 40mm
   Medium 20mm 70mm
   Large 22mm 70mm

    Large proctoscope also for use with ligator for haemorrhoids removal
    (kits available) ♦  Double fenestrated proctoscopes (large) with sliding 
    shutter for use with ligator.

   Our range also includes:

   Rectoscope 20mm 125mm
   Sigmoidoscope 15mm 250mm

Proctoscopes are employed during the common medical procedure of examining the anal cavity, sigmoid colon or rectum. They come in a variety of sizes, mostly with adapter apertures to connect to cold lighting systems

All our disposable proctoscopes are sterile, individually packed and designed to minimize patient discomfort whilst maximising the ease of use, speed and effectiveness of the examination procedure. Thanks to precision mouldings, disposable proctoscopes from Medibuy Direct have a unique “Twist” obdurator lock and unlock feature to make use an easy, one-handed operation.

Leading the way – clear & bright solutions

Made from clear styrene our selection of single-use proctoscopes give excellent distal illumination and precision when used with a light source. We can supply adapters for most cold lighting systems including Heine, WelchAllyn, Parburch, Woolf and Naughton Morgan / Storz Olympus. 

We also feature innovative fully disposable proctoscopes with an integral LED single-use light to reduce cross-infection even further. These patented proctoscopes are ideal for off-site examinations such as in doctors’ surgeries where cold lighting is not available or where ultimate cable-free flexibility is a must.