Fully Disposable Proctoscopes with Integral LED Lighting

At Medibuy Direct we offer fully disposable Parburch proctoscopes with integral LED lighting – an innovative range of proctoscopes which have revolutionized proctological examinations in doctors’ surgeries, specialist medical centres and other ‘off-site’ healthcare environments such as screening programmes, where clinical mains-driven cold lighting is not available.

            Sizes of Fully Disposable
  LED-lighting Integrated Proctoscopes

                  Diameter                              Effective length
   Paediatric 12mm 40mm
   Medium 20mm 70mm
   Large 22mm 70mm

    LED-lit range also includes: Double Fenestrated Proctoscope (large size)
    with sliding shutter for use with ligator. Haemorroids Removal Procedure Kits
    also available. 

The development of this single-use self-contained proctoscope with light source (covered by EEC design patent) resulted from MRHA’s concern with ‘cross infection’ and contamination during use.

Precision-moulded in clear styrene, disposable LED-illuminated proctoscopes from Medibuy Direct have a unique ‘twist’ obdurator lock and unlock feature to make use an easy, one-handed operation.

This range of integrally lit, disposable proctoscopes provides the benefit of clinical and emergency use without the setting up of mains-driven cold lighting systems.

Time-saving and ‘stand-alone’, the LED lit proctoscopes are also excellent for use in
time-critical forensics or other evidence-gathering scenarios.

Bright, reliable and delivering light exactly where it is needed, all single-use self-illuminating proctoscopes from Medibuy Direct are individually wrapped and available in small minimum quantities, packed in boxes of 25 for convenient dispensing and to suit the needs and stores facilities of medical establishment.