Gynaecological Procedure Packs

Sterile gynaecological procedure packs from Medibuy Direct are a one stop, pick-up-and-go solution to support contraceptive device fitting procedures at your private hospital, doctors’ surgery or medical practice.  

Simple, money-saving sense

No need to waste valuable time sourcing and individually collecting all the appropriate high quality disposable instruments, dressings and equipment for intrauterine contraceptive device IUCD fitting and removal, or hormonal birth control hypodermic implant HI insertion or removal procedures – each of our kits include everything you need equipment-wise from forceps to fenestrated drapes in one convenient sterile pack.  

At Medibuy-Direct we offer a range of gynaecological procedure kits, packed in boxes of 25 not just for convenient dispensing, but to suit the needs and equipment storage capability of your medical practice, doctors’ surgery or healthcare organisation.