Proctoscope with Light - Large Size

Proctoscope with Light - Large Size

Medibuy Product Code: 504L
NHS Code: FFE340


A ‘twist lock’ mechanism ensures convenient, one-handed use of this large disposable proctoscope with integral disposable LED light. Convenient, easy-to-use proctoscope to give optimum illumination at the distal end.

This instrument with its larger internal diameter is ideal for using “banding” instruments or inviting hemorrhoids. 

  • Effective length - 70mm
  • Internal diameter - 22mm
  • Easy to operate with just one hand - ‘Twist lock’ obdurator mechanism 
  • Excellent illumination at distal end
  • Manufactured from clear, high-grade styrene
  • Reduced risk of cross infection due to integral disposable LED light 
  • Single use unit  - fully disposable 
  • Non-sterile product

Integral LED light benefits:

  • Effective proctological examination lighting solution consisting of 4 micro batteries and high power led light
  • No trailing cables
  • Independent product, free of any other support lighting equipment
  • Versatile - can be used in a variety of clinical environments both in and out of hospitals.
  • Greatly reduces risk of cross-infection

LARGE SIZE -  22mm x 70mm effective length

Sold in boxes of 25.

£79.34 Box of 25

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Additional information

Disposable proctoscope with integral disposable LED light (covered by EEC Design Patent GB2467573) with an effective length of 22mm x 70mm.

How it works

The ‘twist lock’ obdurator permits independent examination. The LED lit proctoscope requires one hand only, so other hand is freed up for use with examination instruments.

A clear winner

  • Made from clear, environmentally compliant plastic
  • Fully disposable unit – single use to avoid cross-infection
  • Developed, patented and manufactured by Parburch Medical UK
  • Versatile proctoscope of choice for many NHS Practitioners

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